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We’re Charlie and Mads: siblings, golf fanatics, and now we’re giving golf a makeover. 


We grew up playing golf so it holds a big piece of our hearts, and we want to help more people enjoy this amazing game. It’s relaxing and competitive, with all the goodness of being outdoors, getting some exercise, chatting and catching up… But it feels like golf’s old image is keeping a lot of people off the fairways.


For too long, golf has been all about the wealthy grandad look. You know the starched trousers/long socks/wot-wot nod that feels more like closing a business deal or meeting the in-laws than actual fun? Yeah, no thanks.  


Don’t get us wrong, the perfectly-ironed posse love the game too and if they’re happy that’s awesome, but If you’re anything like us you want to dress comfy and just have fun. If you’re anything like us, you also love to add a personal, stylish touch. 


After rolling our eyes at the situation for a few years (which didn’t help, strangely enough) we decided to try something completely new: we designed a range of golf club covers, apparel (coming soon) and bags that add style and attitude to every game! We’re so excited to see how they’re taking off, brightening up the greens and inspiring young golfers to keep playing with a rebellious dash of colour and design. 


Whether you’re an all-out label rebel, or someone who wants to bring a little bit of “you” to the course, we think you’ll find the right accessories to up your game. 




We shrug off bad putts and have a laugh from the 1st hole through to the all-important pub... we do spend hours perfecting our swing but we aren't stressing over how good our handicap is. 


We see golf as a game for all, whether that’s our partners, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, or people we meet on the course. And we meet some amazing people!


Who needs fancy golf clubs? We’re not on the PGA and we have no intention of breaking the bank. For us, golf is all about being ourselves. 


It’s not a religion or a task on our to-do lists; it’s for chilling. It’s for talking and spending quality time together, and for challenging yourself (and challenging each other… ask us about brother-sister rivalry!)


Most importantly, it’s for the fun of it.



We’re on a mission to bring life and attitude back into the game. Come and play! When you step up to the tee, bring your own sense of style, individuality and freedom. Stand out and play your way. 


We firmly believe in equal golfing opportunities, and want to do away with elitism and stuffy stereotypes. 


This philosophy is all around us, and it’s time to show it. From grand Scotland to sunny Spain, we’re noticing more and more people with the same relaxed attitude. Younger players who are in it for the love of the game, and don’t take themselves too seriously. 


GQ Magazine even features pros like Brooks Koepka and Paige Spiranac who acknowledge that the old-school image needs an overhaul, and clubs around the world are relaxing their rules and dress codes.




We want players to be able to relax, make a statement, and truly let their personality shine through – on and off the course.


We care about our cause but we care about our world and heritage too, and only produce ethical, environmentally friendly, high-quality products.


We’re proud to say that our products are all 100% Handmade in Britain. All of the tartans featured in the range are woven in beautiful Scotland, where our love for golf was born.


With over 20 designs there’s something to suit every style, from the more traditional tartan right through to tie dye, skulls and roses. They’re a great way to express yourself or show some love to the golf fanatic in your life.


Once you find your favourites, we would love you to help spread the word about change and fun in our news pages.


Thanks for reading… See you on the course!


Charlie and Mads

Charlie and Mads GoffGolf
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